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With our leading video chatting app, we bring you the opportunity for meaningful and genuine connections, adventures, memories, and all the pleasurable things in-between. 

Random Video Cam is an incredible way to meet random people who could become good friends. On the app, you get to choose a random person to start a conversation, or if you want, you could let us help pick someone randomly for you to begin a conversation with. 

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Features of Random Video Cam

Easy Chats

We have an easy, convenient, user-friendly interface. It takes a few seconds barely to jump into your first Random Video Cam. Added to that, there are many more incredible free random cam features to explore and have a thrilling experience. It has never been easier to video cam new people!

Click To Match

It is super easy to find your ideal match on Random Video Cam! There's an arrow beneath your screen that you can click on once you want to chat with another person; it is to help you connect to a new person based on your preference and filter, in seconds. Your ideal match could be just a click away.

New Friends In Private Chat

Your safety is our concern. With effective means in place, we ensure your identity is safe; hence, our gender and state filters are not just for an exciting experience but to keep you safe and anonymous while chatting until you decide it's time to reveal your identity. Cam with people you've never met before and turn them into friends! Make friends, find love, build special connections, or enjoy online affiliation with random people.

Excellent Video Quality

Despite being offered free of charge, Random Video Cam delivers the best video chatting experience ever, and that’s all thanks to the crisp video quality we deliver. Sure, other platforms offer similar services, but guess what? Our video quality is top-notch. We match users via peer to peer connections using the latest technology. Our streaming service works both on desktop and mobile. Our mobile apps are coming soon on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Random Video Cam FAQs

What is Random Video Cam?

Random Video Cam is a unique video chat app that allows you to chat with random people from around the world quickly and conveniently.

Is Random Video Cam Free?

Yes, Random Video Cam is free to use for as long as you want. However, it has a premium version which is optional for users who crave access to more exciting additional features.

How Do I Start Chatting?

Getting started is very simple. Download the app, open it and make sure to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so you can connect to the video chat platform. Proceed to choose your gender – female, male, or couple – then click on “Start Chatting.”

What Do I Need To Use Random Video Cam?

You need a working device— a mobile phone, iPad, or computer system. You also need an internet connection and a webcam to use Random Video Cam.

Why should I broadcast my video live?

You do not necessarily need a webcam to connect to the video chat platform. However, broadcasting your video live makes it easy to make new friends and solidify connections.

Can I Text And Voice Chat At The Same Time?

Yes, you can! By clicking on your microphone and turning up your speakers, you can use voice chat while texting. The text chat is visible on the right of the video broadcasts for you and the person you connect to.

How Do I Stay Anonymous?

Staying anonymous is easy. Random Video Cam already discloses none of your personal information to the person you are chatting with. However, to keep your identity undisclosed, you must resist giving your details such as your real name, phone number, address, email, or anything at all that could reveal your identity.

How do I Begin Viewing Webcams?

Press on “Allow” and then press the large “Start” button to view random people on the webcam.

How do I talk to random people I meet on the app?

You can engage either of the two options to communicate with random people you meet on the app. You can text or video chat or efficiently do both. You decide!

I don't like the person I'm chatting with. How do I meet someone else?

Switching between users can be done in seconds! If you don’t like the person you are chatting with, you can click on the “Next” button located below your webcam to be brought to a new person’s webcam immediately.

Can I avoid seeing webcams without leaving the website?

Yes! Right beneath your webcam screen, you will find a “Stop” button. Use it anytime to avoid viewing webcams immediately without leaving the website.

How can I re-open the webcams that I closed?

By clicking on “Start,” you can re-open the webcams you previously closed.

Why is my video chat loading slowly?

If your video chat is loading slowly, check your internet connection.

What's the issue? Why Can’t I Connect To My Video Chat?

Make sure to agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy and choose your gender to connect to the video chat platform.

Why Can't I Hear The Other Person While They Are Talking?

If you cannot hear anything during your chat, check that your speakers have not been switched off or reduced to the least volume. You can also examine the in-chat volume settings and click the volume icon at the top right of your broadcast.

How Can I Use Face Filters?

Click on the mask icon below the video chat platform and choose from various filters.

Why are the filters not applying to my face?

To apply the filter to your face, make sure your face is totally in the frame so that you can use the filter you choose.

How Do I Select My Connections By Gender?

If you want to select your connections by gender, use the gender character icon at the top of your video chat to select your preferred gender to connect with. If you want females only, males only, couples only, or everyone, you decide!

How Do I Mute My Microphone?

To mute your microphone while chatting, click the speaker icon at the base of your screen.

How do I adjust the volume of my microphone?

You can also adjust the volume of your microphone using the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen.

DISCLAIMER Conditions of Use. This guidance is not intended to limit our Terms. In the event of a conflict between our Terms and this guidance, the Terms will prevail. Nothing in this guidance is meant to be an exhaustive list of prohibited behavior.

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